Money Saving Tips for Travel & Life

Hey everybody! I just wanted to share with you all some great websites, apps, and tips for how to save money for travel.

My top money saving tip is Ebates. I was super skeptical about using Ebates because it seems that there has to be a catch but I’ve been using it for months now and there is no catch. Ebates gives you cash back on your online purchases through thousands of websites. You just have to begin your shopping experience at Ebates then go to your desired website. Every website has a different cashback amount and there are deals you can use through Ebates. Give them a try and check them out through my link. If you use my link you and I both will get free cashback! 

My next tip is using a credit card that earns you airline miles. These airline miles add up quickly! Especially if you have any big purchases coming up (make sure you use Ebates too!) or you pay your bills through this card, your points will add up quickly. Make sure that you research your cards carefully, you do not want to get a card where the airline miles expire.

Ibotta is my next tip. Ibotta is an app that earns you cashback. I recommend using Ibotta prior to going to any brick and mortar store. See what stores are offering what deals and activate them on the Ibotta app. Next you will head to the store and purchase these items. You will scan your receipt and then earn cash back on the items that you purchased. This app is super easy to use and you get money back for the items you are already purchasing! Try my referral code and will both get cash back:  plicodg .

Secret Flying is my new favorite website. This website posts flight deals for all over the world. To be honest, I thought this website was a hoax but I tried duplicating their flight deals and they all worked. These flights are crazy cheap too. Check out the deals here  .

I hope that these tips help you save money & travel more!



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