I got quite the shock this weekend in regards to my health. Well, I would like to say that is was a shock, but I am honestly not all that surprised. I got my labs back from my yearly doctor’s appointment to find out that my cholesterol is way high. I mean scary high. It is simply unacceptable for a 26 year old to have numbers this high.I’d been hinting to my hubs for a while that I really felt we need to make some changes to our diet and exercise routine but like most things, it is easier said than done. But now there is not really a choice.

I’ve spent a few days reading about cholesterol, a healthy heart, and researching some of my favorite foods and their cholesterol levels. I am sure this will be a popular reading topic for me in the next few months. The funny thing is, if you eat at home you are not going to have huge cholesterol spikes, unless of course you are eating lots of meat every single meal.

What was shocking was when I started looking around at some fast food restaurants and other restaurants and seeing what cholesterol lurks in their food. You know everybody talks about how bad the fries are at restaurants, now don’t get me wrong fried food in general is not healthy, but trust me when I saw you would be surprised to see how little cholesterol, if any, there is in an order of fries compare to those chicken nuggets.

Needless to say these first few days I have been days of hunger but overall I am feeling lighter and better. Not to mention my poor tummy that is always upset, is feeling a lot better.

Leave any of your favorite low cholesterol meals down below for me! I need all the inspiration I can get. 🙂



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